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“An Act of Love”

The season of giving has officially arrived, and we understand it can be overwhelming to decide where you want your dollars to make a difference. There are plenty of needs in our community, and simultaneously, there are outstanding organizations doing critical work to uplift our citizens that could greatly benefit from philanthropic dollars.

As you consider your holiday giving, I ask you to reflect upon what matters to you and your family. Perhaps you want to support a specific area of interest that has made an impact in your own life, like healthcare or supporting your church; Maybe you want to memorialize a loved one and share their legacy with the world; Or perhaps you are hoping to maximize your tax benefits while generally impacting and strengthening the community you love.

Wherever your charitable gift ends up, know that engaging in this act of philanthropy is truly an act of love.

Let’s remember where that word “philanthropy” comes from: originally from the Greek language, “philos” means “love” and “anthropy” means “humanity.”

Here at the Community Foundation, we take that definition to heart. We love our community and know that you do too. Together with our brothers and sisters, we are determined to love humankind by utilizing this transformative tool.

That’s why we launched our 25 X 25 Challenge. Almost 25 years of strengthening and transforming White County has only been possible because of the love our donors and community partners have for our community.

Courtney Bradshaw shared, “When I heard about the “25X25” Challenge, I immediately went to the website and donated. To be able to give and have that donation matched for a future grant…the decision was easy. The Community Foundation does so much for White County: from helping our youth at the Boys & Girls Club, giving scholarships for our young adults at high school achievement nights, to helping build leaders through programs like Leadership White County. Every step of the way, The Community Foundation of White County is there to build a better tomorrow. It is one of the many reasons I am proud to call White County home!”

As your family gathers around the dinner table with thankful hearts this year, ask each other what it is you love about your community, and consider how a gift to the Community Foundation can make a lasting impact.

A gift of $25 (or any multiples of $25) toward our 25X25 Challenge will be matched dollar for dollar up to $25,000. And at our celebration next May, we will announce a special $25,000 grant to celebrate the investment our community has made through this incredible act of love—philanthropy.

Donate online today at or reach out to Director, Lucy Dold at (574) 583-6911 to learn more about the many tools available at the Foundation to share your legacy.

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