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Community Foundation of White County

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There’s always something happening at your community foundation – and we’re always delighted to share good news about our wonderful community!

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Welcome New Governing Council Members and Officers!

CFWC is pleased to welcome Jennifer Dawson and Kent LeBeau to its Governing Council.

Kent is known by many area students as their high school math teacher. Retired but still quite busy, we are honored that he is sharing his passion for White County in this new way.

Jennifer (Gick) Dawson, Governing Council Member

Jennifer (Gick) Dawson has returned to her home community from Hendricks County, where she was engaged with its community foundation’s youth philanthropy initiatives. Jennifer is working in marketing at the Bank of Wolcott.

Melissa Summers, Governing Council President

Melissa Summers is 2019’s Governing Council president;

Dave Winings, Vice President

Dave Winings is serving as vice-president...

Ruth Davis, Secretary

and Ruth Davis, secretary.

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