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YPC Senior Shoutout – Katie Pinkerton

At your Community Foundation of White County, we take pride in nurturing the spirit of philanthropy among the youth in our community. Today, we shine a spotlight on Katie Pinkerton, a Tri-County High School senior who has not only embraced the values of giving back but has also played a pivotal role in our Youth Philanthropy Council (YPC).

"This is my second year being a part of YPC, last year being the inaugural year," Katie shares. "By far my favorite thing about the YPC is helping people! Even if not actively engaging in community service within the community, YPC has set me up to see where help is needed and how I can get involved in the future."

The Youth Philanthropy Council at the community foundation serves as a dynamic platform for students like Katie to channel their passion for making a positive difference in the world around them. Through YPC, they gain valuable insights into the needs of the community and learn how to effectively contribute to its betterment.

This year, Katie’s involvement goes beyond being a council member. She has served as Tri-County’s Project Manager for two years. Project Managers are responsible for leading their localized grant efforts, including tracking the marketing of grant applications, processing grant requests to the team, and coordinating site visits.

An advocate for positive change, Katie aspires to make a lasting impact in White County by amplifying the voices of those in need. "An impact I hope to make in White County is to make the community's needs known and generate a positive outlook for community service."

One of the distinctive features of YPC is its grant-making process, providing students the opportunity to allocate funds to initiatives that impact their daily lives. Katie expresses particular enthusiasm for those projects that are born from matters close to the heart. "The YPC grants that I get most excited for are the creative grants that show the passion behind the need, because I love to see what the people in my community, specifically the school cooperation, are excited about."

In addition to their philanthropic endeavors, YPC members like Katie are active contributors to their community in various ways. In Katie’s case, programs like FFA, BPA, and 4-H provide more opportunities to serve and lead the community she loves so dearly. "In my free time, I like to hang out with my friends, learn random facts, or get involved in my community. Not too surprisingly, I am passionate about helping people!"

Katie’s hopes for the future extend beyond personal accomplishments. "My hopes for the future are for younger kids to get involved with their own communities and for them to see the value in helping others." Her vision aligns with the important work taking place at the community foundation, which is to foster a culture of giving that transcends generations.

As we celebrate Katie’s dedication to philanthropy and community service, we also recognize the broader impact that YPC continues to have on shaping compassionate, socially responsible leaders for the future. The Community Foundation of White County is honored to be a part of Katie's journey and looks forward to witnessing the positive changes she will undoubtedly bring to White County and beyond.

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