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Community Foundation of White County

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MEMORIALS and TRIBUTE GIFTS are special ways to remember people who have been a special part of your life or of our White County community.

Memorials are always a fitting tribute, but have you ever considered a gift in honor of someone’s birthday or anniversary? 


For example, a gift to CFWC to benefit the Women Giving Together Fund could be a great Mother’s Day gift! And for the couple who has everything?  How about a gift to benefit the Foundation’s community grants fund?

Gifts of any amount may be made at any time to benefit a fund either designated by the honoree/family or a fund of your choosing.  You will receive a letter acknowledging your charitable gift (keep for tax purposes) and the recipient of your thoughtfulness will receive a letter informing them of your gift to the Foundation (no dollar amount will be listed). 

Recent Memorials and Honorariums

LaDonna Biczo

    Kevan Biczo   


Ed Bosung

Richard and Margaret Horton


Jerry Cook

Anthony and Lisa Reel


John and Nancy Demerly

David and Stacy Hefty

Joseph and Natasha Demerly

Gordon Denton

Julia Harcourt


Katie Cox

Joshua Fike

Jacquelynn Schmalzried

Jade Ades

Tom Diener

Marjorie Diener

Faith Elise Dold

Janet Dold


Tyra Wright Klink and Angela Wright Elder

Illean Durkin


Linda Fain

Jennifer Layton

Jill Layton


Bonnie Feitz

Steve and Kathy Meadors

Leslie Wineland Goss


Don Geib

Janet Geib


Charles Treva Gish

Gary and Terri Delp

Doug Davies

Timothy and Lee Ann Eizinger

Bruce and Helen Reynolds

Francis and Kay Franzcoviak

Thomas and Michelle Hadley

Leon and Joanne Jones

Dale and Janet Barnaby

Judie Peters

Dave and Barb Spurgeon

Fred and Barb Simmerman

Richard and Doyne Carson

Karl and Sally Shriver

Ted and Susan Polter

David and Susan Zunt Avery

John and Sandee Jorczak

Kelly and Patricia Carr

Steven and Laura Ellinwood

David and Anita McGaughey

Jeffrey and Cynthia Campbell

Sterrett Farms LLC

David Kent of Kent Farm

Blake Family

Dale and Becky Lehe

William Morgan

Georgia Hendryx

Larry and Norine Hartzler

Marilyn Tapajna

Deborah Hendricks

Donald and Kathleen Lehe


Leslie Wineland Goss

Jan Lindborg

Julie and Phil Gutwein

Lucy and Zachary Dold


Richard and Betty Graf 

The Hageman Foundation, Inc.


Rebecca, Lucy, Violet, and Isabella Guinnup

Janet Dold


Bob Guinnup

John and Nancy Demerly

Matthew Gutwein

Phil and Julie Gutwein


Eugene Hageman

The Hageman Foundation, Inc.

Bob Hanni

Karen Hanni


Murt Harrington

The Hageman Foundation, Inc.

Bill Hartke

Bruce and Donna McCormick

Annie Horton

William and Tamara Hardy


Calvin Illingworth

Bank of Wolcott


Kayvion Jackson

Rose Nealy

Jeff and Linda Hanna

Dave and Sue Winings

Chris Overmyer

Twin Lakes Volley Ball Team

Brooklyn Dillinger

Stephanie Seiner

Eli Smolek

Janet Dold


Paul Koertge

Yvonne Koertge


Michelle Kyser

Randall and Ruth Ann Mitchell

Eleanor Thelin

Courtney Bradshaw

Julie and Phil Gutwein

Eco Dev White County

Scheurich Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Inc.

"The Pearls"

James and Ruth Davis

Stephanie Long

Stephanie Dellinger

Michael Crabb

James and Melissa Johnson

Linda Sue Johnson

Daniel and Jillian Layton

Donald and Jennifer Layton

John Wilson and the Bradleys

Janet Dold

Bruce and Elizabeth Lyons

Gayle High

Kay Hall

Ronald McMurray

Jennifer and Donald Shields

Charles and Teresa Anderson

    Adkev Inc. 


Charlotte Neininger

Lexi Pool


Betty Ruemler

Debra Lavoy


George Scott

Malcom and Carol Davidson

Scheurich Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Inc.

Jim and Chris Thayer

Randy and Amy Scott

Kent and Mandy Hall

Virgil Shultz

Dorothy Shultz

Susan Benner

Wayne and Ina Stitz


Colleen Shook

David and Deborah Shook

Mark and Bernie Shook

Daryl and Suzanne Laforge


Stephanie and Mya Thompson

Sarah Dillon

David and Ardis Bramlage

Cynthia Ehrlich

Kerry and Leslie Vogel

Bruce and Debra Hosier

Ken and Jewell Personett and family

Bennett Boehning & Clary

Leslie Wineland Goss

Bill and Rose Moyars

Scheurich Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Inc

Gregory and Laura Bossaer

C Jane and Charles Harvey

Patrick and Susan Jordan

Hillis Hillis Rozzi & Dean, LLC

Michael and Patricia Godlove

Ryan and Stephanie Long

Stuart & Branigin LLP Lawyers

Bruce and Jan Lambert

Joann Miller

Sheila Hyatt

Miller, Groff & Damm, PC

Jeffrey Stanton

James and Ruth Davis

Philip and Susan Vogel

Ledger Law, PC

Tippecanoe County Judges

B&L Furrer Farms

George and Kimberly Loy

Niles Community Schools

Jill and Arlis Stacy

White County GOP

Dean and Shannon Gardiner

Jeffrey and Alissa Haygood

M.J. Rupel

Robert and Peggy Oliver

Michael Crabb

Janet Dold

Joel and Stephanie Bowman

Matthew and Kristin Marvin

Angela and Kenneth Dyer

Carol Richardson

Bruce and Pamela Hanway

Deron and Malena Smith

James and Rachel Mann

Randy and Triva Woodley

Danny and Kami Basham

Julie and Philip Gutwein

Teresa Sommers

Duane and Schonda Gritten

Richard and Margaret Horton

Truescripts Management Services, LLC

Tracie Dahlenburg

David and Patricia Steward

Boilermaker Aquatics, Inc.

Carroll White REMC (Jr. Bd.)

Union Township 4-H Club

Marc and Brenda Clapper

Twin Lakes Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Jason Thompson


Joe Vicari

Carrie Skripac

Susie Vogel

Doug and Cindy Raderstorf


Bob Weiss

Ross Neininger


Margaret Wineland

Ardis Bramlage

Leslie Wineland Goss


Katie Wolf 

Mandy Hall

It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

Mother Teresa

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