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Community Foundation of White County

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MEMORIALS and TRIBUTE GIFTS are special ways to remember people who have been a special part of your life or of our White County community.

Memorials are always a fitting tribute, but have you ever considered a gift in honor of someone’s birthday or anniversary? 


For example, a gift to CFWC to benefit the Women Giving Together Fund could be a great Mother’s Day gift! And for the couple who has everything?  How about a gift to benefit the Foundation’s community grants fund?

Gifts of any amount may be made at any time to benefit a fund either designated by the honoree/family or a fund of your choosing.  You will receive a letter acknowledging your charitable gift (keep for tax purposes) and the recipient of your thoughtfulness will receive a letter informing them of your gift to the Foundation (no dollar amount will be listed). 

Recent Memorials and Honorariums

Michael Altman

Marcia Campbell

Dr. Marshall & Marla Stanton

Tom Buschman

Brad, Becky, and Alec Fields

Carolyn Pecen

Julie and Devin Cyr

Fred and Patricia Kem

John and Nancy Demerly

Trisha Benner

David and Stacy Hefty

Katie Demerly

Natasha Demerly

Faith Elise Dold

Janet Dold

Lucy and Zach Dold

Joe Dold

John Koppelmann

Tawny Howe

Paul Meyer

Stephanie Stout

Baker Milligan

Mike and Christine Murray

Kristin ColberBaker

Donald and Linda Lobue

Marie Knudson

Julie and Phil Gutwein

Rick and Melissa Shafer

Constance Rubin

Bradley Brookshire

Buck and Theresa Cameron

Anne Tichenor

Diana Crawford

Bruce and Beth Lyons

Merry and Kevin Crabb

Bonnie Kelly

Jennifer Pritts

Susan and Marvin Good

Margaret Cain

Karon Buckert

Joseph and Diane Bloyd

Aunt Ethel and Uncle Ted

Mary Jo Reyerson

Steven and Jean Craig

Bill and Sandy Medley

Roger and Pat Gross

Casey and Chris Crabb

Mike Smolek

Monte and Suzanne Thompson

Nancy Nutley

Michael and Anita Closson

Carroll White REMC

John and Sandra Bailey

Caye and Scott Lutz

Fred and Rachel Ennis

Bill and Roberta Witchger

Wayne and Cindy Winger

Lorraine A. Garrott

Judge Clayton Graham

Leslie Wineland Goss

Ronald & Diana Hively

Cindy Ringer

Richard and Betty Graf

Sandra Hageman

Bob Guinnup

Deborah Vandervort

Eugene Hageman

Sandra Hageman

Murt Harrington

Sandra Hageman

Bill Hartke

Kristin Hall-Whitacre


Ron Hively

Leslie Wineland Goss

Annie Horton

Tom Westfall

William and Tamara Hardy

John and Barbara Heimlich

Buzz and Peggy Horton

Aaron Jackson

Blake Dulin

Elmer "Mike" and Ruth Klink

Larry Klink

Tyra Wright Klink and Angela Wright Elder 

Traci Linn

Jim and Beth Myers

James Krintz

John and Trudy Coopman

Jeffrey Krintz

Joni Buyer

Tracie Dahlenburg

Elaine Latia

Ruth Davis

Ronald and Sharon Allen

Christine Garrott Krok

Judge Clayton Graham 


Nancy and Dempster Martin

Lynetta Raplee

Paul and Charlotte Neininger

Leslie Wineland Goss


Mya Thompson

Twin Lakes CDJR LLC

Amanda Walts

Stephanie Thompson

Twin Lakes CDJR LLC

Amanda Walts

Ross and Madelene Westfall

Daniel and Paula Westfall

John and Barbara Westfall

Charles R. and Margaret H. Wineland

Jennifer Herdrich

Leslie Wineland Goss

Katie and Charlie Wolf

Leslie Wineland Goss

It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

Mother Teresa

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