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  • Leslie Goss

How About An Additional Mother’s Day Gift?

It comes around once a year – that day when we give special thought to the role our

mother has played in our lives.

And every year, we wonder what gift we can give that could even begin to express the

gratitude we have for the inspiration she has provided to us.

Particularly if you weren’t able to celebrate the day together, your Community

Foundation of White County has a great idea.

Instead of belated flowers or candy, how about an honorary (or memorial) gift to the

Foundation to benefit its Women Giving Together Fund?

Women Giving Together is a women’s giving circle, “empowering women to strengthen

White County through charitable giving, for the purpose of addressing the hopes and dreams of White County’s women and families.”

Every year, up to half of donations to the fund are disbursed into the community in the

form of grants to charitable organizations and initiatives. The remaining portion is permanently endowed in the WGT Fund, supporting charitable efforts for generations to come.

Last year, gifts to the fund plus some funds from the WGT endowment supported over

$10,000 in grants to benefit programs supporting women and families in White County.

Because collective efforts have a much greater impact, every single gift – large or small – makes a difference. WGT provides an opportunity for women with varying interests and

abilities to pool their resources for the common good. It seeks annual gifts, though is by no

means restricted to annual commitment. Honorarium and memorial gifts add another very

meaningful dimension to this fund and provide a unique way to remember someone who has been special in your life.

Since 2007, over $100,000 in grants has been distributed from the Women Giving

Together Fund to help strengthen the women and families of White County – grants to the arts, education, domestic violence prevention, libraries, and our food pantries, to name a few.

What better way to honor your mother (or daughter, grandmother, or aunt) than to

multiply her love of family and community with a gift to benefit the Community Foundation’s

Women Giving Together Fund?! I’m absolutely certain she would be truly honored by a gift that demonstrates her compassion and caring for the greater good.

Your mother was good to you – now do a good thing for your mother!

(For an extra special gift for both of you, invite your mother to the Foundation’s Women

Giving Together luncheon – this year on September 10!)

All donations to this or other funds should be made to the Community Foundation of

White County, noting WGT in the memo line. For more information about this or other funds

within the Foundation, check out or contact Director Leslie Goss at 574-583-6911.

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