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  • Leslie Goss

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

“Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.” Lauren Bacall

During the beautiful weather last week, when I saw a young boy riding down my street

on his bike with a kite tied securely to the handlebars, I knew that spring had finally arrived

(even if I don’t trust March completely!).

My husband really loved kites and made them a part of welcoming every spring. It was

always charming to see that big man teaching little children the finer points of kite-flying!

Those nieces and nephews, the beneficiaries of his instruction, are grown adults now, some with babies of their own – and someday, I truly hope to watch them sharing this joy with their children….one of Uncle John’s many legacies.

Kites free us and challenge us. They float in the wind, sharing their bright colors for all

to see. Sometimes the journey is steady and smooth; other times the wind whips and challenges the tether. But perseverance has its rewards!

There’s certainly no point in having a short string on a kite, is there? A short string

doesn’t allow a very exciting or fulfilling flight.

A long string, however, allows the freedom to explore areas we didn’t think we could

ever reach. It challenges us to reach for heights unimagined.

Funds within your Community Foundation of White County are much like kites. With

each passing year, their strings get let out a little more, reaching further and further into our


The kite’s bright colors are seen in grants to charitable organizations, support of

community and educational initiatives, and scholarships.

The flight of your kite is limited only by your imagination.

The Foundation is here to help. We’ll help you design and launch your kite. We’ll hold

onto the string with you, supporting your flight for days and years to come.

Spring is in the air. Pick a beautiful, gently breezy day, and go fly a kite! Better yet, take

a child with you to share the experience. Teach the next generation the thrill of flying a kite. Let your imagination soar! When it does, you’ll see possibilities you’ve never dreamed, and your joy will be greater than you’ve ever imagined.

For information about flying your kite with the Community Foundation of White County, contact Director Leslie Goss at 574-583-6911.

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