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  • Leslie Goss

Whatever You Do...

Several years ago, I received a gift that remains very special to me. It is a small stone

plaque engraved with the words “Whatever you do, do with all your heart.”

A simple stone, with simple words. And a wonderful reminder of the power we have to

impact the world around us.

We all make choices -- every day – about our level of commitment, whether it be to

family, friends, job, school, church or community.

Admittedly, there are days when our energy level isn’t up there at the top, and we come

to the end of the day feeling like we haven’t accomplished a whole lot.

But there are other days – hopefully most – when we are focused, energetic, hopeful, and

determined to accomplish good things – for ourselves and the world around us. Those are the days when ‘we do with all our hearts.’ When we choose to approach our day for the greater good, good things happen.

Your Community Foundation of White County, with all its heart, is committed to this

community. Our donors give with all their hearts, entrusting the Foundation to invest their gifts to strengthen White County. And we do our very best to honor our donors’ generous gifts.

The results are truly exciting. Last year, donors’ gifts to our Foundation’s unrestricted

funds allowed us to distribute just under $75,000 in community and special governing council grants. Donations to our women’s fund enabled grants totaling $10,951 to benefit programs empowering women and families in our community. Over $82,000 was awarded in scholarships. Adding grants from other donor funds designated to benefit our area nonprofits, a total of $262,051 in charitable grants was awarded out of your community foundation in 2020!

We are honored to serve the people who have chosen to establish endowment funds

within the Foundation, people who have named the Foundation in their estate plans, and people who contribute regularly to the Foundation, though memorials and honorary gifts or general giving. We know that each donor has given “with all their heart,” and we will continue to serve our community “with all our heart.”

For more information about your Community Foundation of White County, contact

Director Leslie Goss at 574-583-6911.

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