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There’s always something happening at your community foundation – and we’re always delighted to share good news about our wonderful community!

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Youth Philanthropy Council Fall Grants Announced

The Youth Philanthropy Council is an empowering and inspirational organization that I am grateful to be a part of. The YPC was launched through the cultivation grant from Wabash Heartland Innovation Network last spring. Since then, the YPC has made progressive impacts in the White County Schools. Each Individual in the YPC has shown initiative, perseverance and compassion. YPC member, Addison Douglas shares her experience as a YPC member, “The YPC has given me the opportunity to do something I've always been passionate about: helping out my community!”

The second cycle of grants is all wrapped up and when looking back at how far the YPC has gotten, I notice that we have truly been improving in different aspects as a group. This semester's grant cycle included 28 applications from all four White County schools! YPC's President, Aiden Vrotny shared his thoughts on how this semester has been, “It’s been a great year all around. The council is really starting to hit their stride, and I’m proud to serve as President of this truly amazing organization.”

At our monthly meetings, all Project Managers share updates on how the application process is going at their school. However, there is so much behind-the-scenes work that is put in to achieve a successful impact in our school communities. Especially this year each school had many grant applications to have to sort through and choose. Nonetheless, the YPC members have successfully completed the Fall Grant Cycle and are onto the Spring one. This fall, we have been so grateful and happy to be able to give out $9,300 to all White County schools!

The Fall 2023 YPC Grants are as follows:

North White:

- Support to build guitars with Leander Hoover, in collaboration with trade skills programs

- Purchase of cardio drumming for Angie Lawson

- Energy in Agriculture for RayeAnn Stamper

- Support for engineering program in the elementary school with Dave Reif


- Purchase flexible classroom seating to impact mental health for Mrs. Bowman

- Upgrade chairs and projection equipment for the Business Dept. with Ms. Duncan

- Reducing student barriers with PE skating unit support for Diane Smith

- Purchase of food for the Backpack Program for J.R. Haskins

Twin Lakes:

- Purchase of a Bambu Lab P1S 3D printer for Steve Krawskyk

- Purchase flexible seating options in classrooms for Dr. Hawthorne

- Upgrade of microscope slides for Mrs. Kough

- Whiteboard purchase for enhanced learning for Mrs. Whitebird

- Funding a mobile desk for Mrs. Long

- Snack Shack support


- STEM building opportunities in the elementary school with Cassie Terry

- Competition support for FCCLA with new blazers

- Elevate the Kindergarten Classroom conference for elementary support with Gretchen Innocent

Students from the 2nd cohort of the YPC represent Twin Lakes, Frontier, North White, and Tri-County High schools: Aiden Vrotny (President), Vera Hindi (Vice-President), Genevieve Stroetz (Secretary), Lorelai Miller (Project Manager), Katie Pinkerton (Project Manager), Maddy Westerhouse (Project Manager), Rhyan Strange (Project Manager), Addison Douglas, Alayna Williams, Autumn Reif, Braylon Gretencord, Braylon Sipkema, Charli McMillin, Diego Diaz Romero, Emily Cardoza, Griffin Hornung, Heiden Morales, Jasmine Durando, Liam Kyle, Morgan Galyen, Nolan Roeske, Ryleigh Metzinger, Scottie Unger, and Taylor Burns.

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