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YPC Senior Shoutout: Rhyan Strange

White County is a community blessed with leaders working together to make a positive difference in the world around them. At your Community Foundation, we are committed to strengthening the skills and knowledge of our young leaders, providing them a platform to create and witness impact firsthand. One student from Twin Lakes High School, is one of those leaders making real change happen.

Rhyan Strange joined the Youth Philanthropy Council (YPC) during its inaugural year in 2023. And for Rhyan, the YPC isn’t just another club to add to her resume; it’s a platform for tangible change. "My favorite thing about the YPC is getting to make a difference in my community and being able to see the change I’m helping bring around me," Rhyan shared. It's this sense of impact, of seeing the direct results of their efforts, that fuels her drive to lead and serve.

As a natural leader, Rhyan understands the importance of setting a positive example not only for her peers today, but for those leaders yet to emerge. "As a youth leader, I hope to set a good example for the generations to come. I hope that my actions help inspire those around me," she expressed.

Rhyan currently holds the leadership position of Project Manager for Twin Lakes. Project Managers are responsible for processing grant applications, and leading their local teams in researching local needs and reviewing proposals.

Since its inception, the YPC has awarded over $20,000 in grants, with another cycle soon to be announced. "I am most excited for the TL PRIDE Program grant because it will affect the entire Twin Lakes High School. It also focuses on rewarding students for good behavior and not punishing students for bad behavior," Rhyan explained. Her vision for a more supportive and inclusive school environment is commendable and evident in her work.

Outside of their role in the YPC, Rhyan is heavily involved in swimming, track and field, National Honors Society, Key Club, and Make a Wish Club. In her downtime, she enjoys spending quality time with family and diving into the world of literature. Her adventurous spirit finds solace in exploring the great outdoors, soaking in the beauty of nature and seeking new experiences. Yet, amidst their hobbies and interests, Rhyan holds a profound passion. "I am very passionate about helping others through medicine. It is definitely my passion, and I have many goals to help others through the medical field," she shared.

In the pursuit of her dreams, Rhyan will soon embark on an exciting new chapter at Purdue University, where she will be pursuing a pre-med track. With unwavering determination, Rhyan envisions a future where she will continue to make a difference as a trauma surgeon, providing care and comfort to those in need.

To build a brighter future, we must invest in our young people. Your Community Foundation is proud to provide a powerful platform for our young leaders to learn about philanthropy, collaborate with peers from all over the county, and create an impact that they can witness firsthand. As the YPC begins fundraising efforts to sustain this program, opportunities to support our youth continue to emerge. Reach out to Director Lucy Dold at (574) 583-6911 to learn how you can uplift their important mission.

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