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25 Years of Honoring Families

Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter.” – Brad Henry

Here at the community foundation, we understand the importance of family. Of the 123 funds that we administer, 82 were designed and named specifically in honor of loved ones. Sometimes created by family members in celebration of a historic anniversary, or often times, created through memorial gifts, each fund tells a story.

Families like the Wolfs, who have built an undeniable legacy of compassion and community servitude, will forever create ripples of impact that expand beyond our comprehension. Anonymously established, the Katie and Charlie Wolf Endowment celebrates community. The fund is discretionary, meaning that the governing council is charged with directing those funds to address ever-emerging needs in White County. In her last major article published, Katie talked about her legacy of service: “It’s not so much what we do for ourselves, because that dies with us. It’s what we do for others that lives on.” Through this Fund, their impact on the community certainly carries on.

Families like the Dentons, who have long roots tied to the land, have made the personal commitment to the future of White County through philanthropy. Many who pass through the country roads recognize the hog farming family with their proud pig signs adorning their property. For the Dentons, farming is more than just a profession, but a way of life. To share their passions and to pay it forward, the Gordon and Marilyn Denton Scholarship was established to financially support young adults who also share a passion for 4-H. Since creating the fund in 2008, $13,000 have been awarded to Frontier graduates to support their next adventure.

Families like the Fischers inspire others to give a helping hand. Business man, Ross Fischer’s motto was, “This is a house of service.” Whether they provide home-cooked meals, change a tire, or simply give help to an individual in need, the Fischers seek to uplift their fellow mankind. Ross and Beverly’s outstanding commitment to their community inspired daughters JoAnna, DeAnna, and Anna to establish the Ross & Beverly Fischer “Helping Hands” Fund, an advised fund, to carry on their parents’ legacy. Over $16,000 has been granted from the Fund to support community efforts that are meaningful to the family, like supporting the automotive programs at Indian Trails Career Center.

With 25 years of serving White County, your community foundation is honored to share your legacies and inspire the next generation of philanthropists to think toward the future today.

Learn more about how to leave a lasting impact through the Community Foundation of White County by reaching out to director, Lucy Dold at (574) 583-6911.

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