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25 Years of Putting Your Heart into It

This Valentine’s Day, we want to give a huge shoutout to our wonderful community for 25 years of generosity, dedication, and collaboration that have guided the Foundation in all its successes. Cultivating change in a community takes dollars to fund, skilled workers to fulfill the mission, but mostly importantly, it takes heart and passion. And in White County, we are blessed to have a community filled with passionate individuals with the biggest of hearts!

In twenty-five years, we’ve partnered with dozens of local organizations that strive for excellence through the opportunities that our grantmaking offers. Many of these groups are led by volunteers, gifting their time and talent to a mission they are passionate to support, like the “flowerpot ladies” from the Streets of Monticello Association who dedicate hundreds of hours each year to make passage through downtown Monticello beautiful and inviting. Our friends at the Remington Wolcott Community Development Corporation thrive on collaborative efforts that strengthen regional development opportunities on the east side of our county. On the north, a small but incredibly mighty group of volunteers with the Monon Civic Preservation Society lead preservation efforts to restore the historic downtown.

The list of our partners and the impressive commitments they make to strengthen our community could go on and on. And with almost $5 million granted since our inception to support our partners’ efforts, your Community Foundation of White County is committed to continue uplifting their missions. Because of their work and their passionate hearts, we know that our community is stronger.

Supporting our nonprofit partners wouldn’t be conceivable without the financial support our donors provide. Donors with gifts large and small come to the Community Foundation looking to make an impact in a space that is meaningful to them. Perhaps a donor wishes to establish a gift in memory of a loved one, ensuring that that person’s legacy continues to make a difference forever. Many donors have a personal connection to an area or organization that they hope to uplift with charitable dollars. Some donors choose to give unrestricted gifts to the Community Foundation because they are simply passionate about the White County community. Whatever the motivation behind someone’s giving, we know that it is a very personal decision, often guided by passion and heart.

Passionate donors like Joe Hahn with the Joe Hahn North White Trades Education Fund have created opportunities for our next generation of leaders to grow and learn new skills. Community-wide efforts have helped fund projects like the new Brookston Fire Station, empowering an entire community to join in the passionate act of giving. Families with deep roots to White County, like Tom & Marge Diener have chosen to give philanthropic dollars to support ever-emerging needs in a community that they love so deeply.

Listing off 25 years of our committed donors would, too, take way too long, but our community is stronger because of their visions and commitments, and their legacies leave a lasting impact that will continue to shape future generations.

When it comes down to it, White County is fortunate to have so many folks with big hearts. Wherever you find yourself in the county, you will always find good people doing good things. Thank you for 25 years of passion, dedication, generosity, and commitment. Way to put your heart into it, White County!

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