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  • Leslie Goss

Angels Among Us

Do you believe in angels?

Several years ago, a song called “Angels among Us” hit the airwaves, and whenever I

hear it, it seems to touch a special place in my heart.

Oh, I believe there are angels among us

Sent down from somewhere up above.

They come to you and me in our darkest hours

To show us how to live, to teach us how to give,

To guide us with the light of love.

Simple words. A powerful message.

For many people, this year has held many dark hours: threat or reality of job loss, food or housing insecurity, and for all of us, the uncertainties of the coronavirus pandemic invading our communities. This year, the world’s need for angels seems greater than ever.

Fortunately, our White County community is filled with angels. Some of them stand out

in the cold, ringing a tiny bell as they watch both adults and children toss coins and dollar bills into Salvation Army’s red buckets. Some of them work behind the scenes, buying presents for children and families they will never meet, making sure that there will be gifts under the Christmas tree. Others feed the hungry, wrap warm coats around shivering shoulders, or simply share an extra warm smile with someone who looks like they need one.

Your Community Foundation of White County exists, truly, because there are angels

among us who want the very best for our White County community. They “show us how to live, [and] teach us how to give” for the greater good. They help strengthen and transform our community through philanthropy. Their gifts enable grants to address needs and opportunities that arise in our community and provide a foundation for future grants that will continue to serve.

Each of us has the opportunity to be an angel. Don’t ever pass up the chance to make a

positive difference in someone’s life. If you have a passion in your heart for a charitable

organization, an area of interest, or our White County community in general, we would be happy to help you become a special angel in our community. Just call. It’s easier than you think!

For more information about your Community Foundation of White County, contact

Director Leslie Goss at 574-583-6911.

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