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There’s always something happening at your community foundation – and we’re always delighted to share good news about our wonderful community!

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  • Leslie Goss

Back to School

Returning to the classroom when I was child was almost always accompanied by some back to school jitters. At least in my young mind, everything was on the line when it came to picking out the perfect first day outfit or decorating my locker to make sure all my closest friends’ and crushed celebrities’ faces adorned the walls.

For many families, though, back to school could look like neglecting other necessities to afford schoolbooks or new gym sneakers. For teachers, it could look like diving deeper into personal finances to provide an engaging learning environment in the classroom.

Whatever this season looks like for you and your family, know that the Community Foundation of White County is a proud partner with all four county schools and other local youth serving agencies aimed to support and uplift our community’s children.

Over $70,000 of CFWC’s grants last year supported education and youth. That’s not even including the dozens of scholarships awarded to graduating seniors each year.

The Tri-County Education Project Fund is a perfect example of pro-actively providing funding to bolster impact in the classroom year after year. Grants from this fund in 2021 supported the purchase of new databases, chromebooks for first graders, welding and automotive classroom equipment, plus so much more.

In fact, the Community Foundation holds several other funds, too that directly support education: North White Education Fund, Frontier Educational Fund, Joe R. Hahn “North White Trades Education” Endowment, and the White County Community Education Fund.

However, gifts made to the Community Foundation don’t necessarily need to be directed into a specific fund to make an impact on education and youth. Unrestricted giving allows our Governing Council to address ever-emerging needs through our Community Grant Cycles.

This year’s Spring Community Grants included funding for Tri-County’s backpack program, ensuring that students and families are nourished outside of the school walls. Last fall, a collaborative effort between all county schools and the City of Monticello Mayor’s ADA Advisory Council provided an enriching disability awareness convocation with Brett Eastburn, demonstrating that the only boundaries are those we set for ourselves.

Back to school looks different for every child, parent, teacher, and corporation. Whatever the needs are, let us walk with you. Whatever exciting initiative you want to introduce to your classroom, let’s talk about it. Or perhaps you’d like to further support education by creating your own fund. There are endless possibilities to impact White County youth through your Community Foundation. Give me a call at (574) 583-6911 to learn more.

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