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Celebrating Community: CFWC 2019 Annual Report

Every year, thanks to thoughtful, generous people who care about our White County

community, your Community Foundation of White County grows. Each gift to the Community Foundation, whether large or small, helps strengthen and transform our community in positive ways, celebrating the best of our potential and laying groundwork for future generations.

The result is increased capacity for outreach into our community in the form of grants to

benefit nonprofit organizations and programs that serve the arts, education, recreation, and an ever-increasing variety of opportunities that enhance our quality of life.

Every year, the Foundation publishes an annual report, sharing stories of our donors,

grants and scholarship recipients, and people who believe that personal investment in community is both exciting and worthy.

We’re excited to announce that CFWC’s 2019 Annual Report is now available.

Some notable highlights:

At the end of 2019, total assets and liabilities of the Foundation were $9.9 million.

Seven new funds were established: five endowments as well as two non-permanent

funds to support specific non-profit initiatives.

Last year, 485 individual donors (non-duplicated names) contributed to the Community

Foundation. Gifts included ones to benefit specific funds as well as ones to support our general community grants fund.

Memorial gifts were received in the names of 30 different individuals, and four

individuals and organizations were honored with tribute gifts.

A total of $295,543 was awarded in grants and scholarships. (By contrast, a total of

$108,000 was awarded in 2015.)

None of this would be possible without our donors’ personal commitment to our

community’s present and future. The majority of the funds administered by the Foundation are permanently endowed, assuring resources for community good far into the future.

Your community foundation is an exciting place! We are honored by donors who partner

with us to benefit our community and are always thrilled to welcome new members to our

community family.

Our 2019 Annual Report is available, and we would be delighted to share a copy with

you. Just call our office at 574-583-6911 or check the About section on our website.

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