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Community Foundation of White County

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There’s always something happening at your community foundation – and we’re always delighted to share good news about our wonderful community!

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  • Leslie Goss

Exercise Your Mind

“Man’s mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions.”

For someone who wants to play it safe, nineteenth century writer Oliver Wendell Holmes might have been a bit too challenging.

After all, sometimes it’s just more comfortable to rest in our present knowledge, isn’t it?

No risk = no upheaval of our neat little world. But oh, how small that little world can be.

Communities are much like individuals. The ones that grow are the ones who dream,

take risks, reach out to explore new opportunities, and think that the status quo isn’t all there is.

When communities stretch to explore new ideas and serve new interests, their dimensions are forever changed – opening new possibilities for growth and opportunity.

That is the mission of your Community Foundation of White County – to constantly be

looking for opportunities to make a difference in our community. The Foundation is committed to serving charitable needs both today and tomorrow, and you are the key to the mission.

There are numerous ways you can help.

Exercise your mind by learning more about the Community Foundation and what it’s

doing. Ask questions. Check out our Annual Report (our 2020 report will come out soon!) --

which is about people, not just numbers! Talk with our local Committee members and grant


Yes, we’re an agent for Lilly Endowment Community Scholarships as well as some local

scholarships supported by funds established by some of our donors – but we’re oh, so much

more than that!!

More than $260,000 was distributed last year in the form of grants from our various funds – dollars that help keep our children safe, feed the hungry, support the arts, create recreational and educational opportunities for our families, and foster leadership and civic engagement.

Always, the Foundation serves as a resource for creative thinking – working with

individuals and organizations to help carry their passions and interests far into the future.

The Foundation is always looking to expand its own mind, if you will. We want to be a

pro-active force in our community, seeking out charitable needs and issues that can be addressed to make a difference. We want to stretch our minds to new ideas, which is why you are the integral force in our mission.

What are your passions? What are your hopes and dreams for our community? Stretch

your mind, and together, let’s see what we can do!

For information about your Community Foundation of White County, contact Director

Leslie Goss at (574)583-6911.

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