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  • Leslie Goss

Giving to the Greater Good

“Most people think that Americans are generous because we are rich. The truth is that

we are rich… because we are generous…” -Claire Gaudiani

Time and time again, America has been looked to as the richest nation. There is the

expectation that we will give, and time and time again, Americans heed the call.

One of the greatest ways to leave a positive mark is to give back to the greater good. As

author and philanthropist Claire Gaudiani says, when giving back to the community, you not

only enrich your life, but you allow others the resources necessary to make your community a

better place.

When planning for the care of one’s personal effects, it is easy to forget to allocate

resources and assets to charity. It is, however, this form of giving, the giving outside of the

family, that ensures the stability of the community around you.

Americans as a population are a very giving and concerned nation. A whopping 70% of

US citizens give to a charity each year, yet less than 6% of American families include nonprofit organizations in their wills, according to the IRS.

Considering a charity or nonprofit organization when establishing an estate plan will help ensure that organization’s mission will be continued. Your Community Foundation of White County, together with your financial planner, can help you plan ways to benefit your favorite charity and your community long after you are gone.

Contributing to the greater good can come in many forms:

- Consider a charity that has impacted your life when planning your will

- Name a non-profit as the beneficiary of your pension plan

- Make your favorite nonprofit the owner of your existing life insurance policy

- Remember loved ones with memorial gifts

- Talk to your loved ones about the importance of spreading your assets outside of the family

for the greater good that still ultimately impacts the family and your future generations.

Leaving behind a positive legacy is often a goal that many strive for throughout their lives. By working with the Community Foundation of White County to remember an interest or nonprofit organization in your estate plan, your spirit of giving can continue to have an impact on your community. The Foundation would be honored to help you touch the future.

For more information about your Community Foundation, contact Director Leslie Goss at 574-583-6911, check out our Facebook page, or log onto

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