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Gratitude For Our Grand Orchestra

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” - H.E. Luccock

At your Community Foundation of White County, it’s our mission to strengthen and transform White County by fostering charitable giving, philanthropic aspiration, and leadership. Each pillar of our mission can take on many different forms and allows us to connect with folks across the county to share legacies, solve community problems, and build upon the strengths that our ancestors laid before.

Internally in our office, we humbly operate with two staff guided by a governing council of community volunteers, each committed to uplifting White County. But beyond the walls of the Calvert Youth Center lies a bountiful community, filled with families and agencies whose passions and legacies bring our mission to life.

Let’s look at our first pillar: charitable giving. In our 25 years of service to White County, over $5 million in charitable dollars have been awarded locally to support 40+ nonprofit partners doing the boots-on-the-ground work. Annual grant cycles allow community partners to apply for funding to support their important missions. It’s because of their efforts that together with our grant funding, we can implement and witness lasting impact that strengthens our schools, youth, healthcare systems, conservation efforts, plus so much more. Thank you to our amazing partners for doing the hard and good work in the community.

The second pillar, philanthropic aspiration allows individuals and families to actively participate in philanthropy to make a lasting impact in their community. By uncovering passions and stories, we can build a fund that honors your family’s legacy for now and forever.

Perhaps you have a passion for a particular area of interest like the arts: a field of interest fund could expand art opportunities across the county in someone’s memory. Maybe there’s an agency that has impacted your life, and you want to support their mission: a designated fund can directly support an agency/s of your choice. Or perhaps, your family has long roots tied to our community and you simply want to see it prosper. An unrestricted family endowment allows our governing council to respond to ever-emerging needs in the community, providing flexibility for the future. Thank you to our visionary donors whose passions and legacies make this work possible.

Leadership takes on many forms at the Community Foundation. Because we touch many corners of White County, we have the unique ability to bring together folks from different backgrounds to help solve complex community issues. Convening allows for deeper understanding, broader awareness, and greater collaboration. Because we know that only together can we create a community-wide impact. These efforts often lead us into various sectors to work alongside community leaders and stakeholders to identify needs and opportunities, ensuring that your Community Foundation is knowledgeable about the community we serve.

Just like a symphony, your Community Foundation relies on many pieces to be able to perform the work we do. Our governing council is the percussion section, providing a steady beat and foundation for how we operate. Our nonprofit and community partners are the brass section, driving the community with their robust efforts. And our donors are the strings, sharing their dancing melodies across the county to uplift.

Thank you to every individual that plays a part in our grand orchestra. Our song and our mission are strong because of your support. It’s been an honor to serve White County for 25 years, and our symphony is just beginning!

To learn more about strengthening White County with the Community Foundation, reach out to director, Lucy Dold at (574) 583-6911.

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