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Growing Roots

I’ve been thinking about roots a lot lately.

As an adult, I’ve moved eleven times. And if you couldn’t tell from my picture, I’m still fairly young, which makes eleven moves feel too high of a realistic number for someone like me. But still, I’ve moved eleven times in my adulthood.

Each time, I’ve had a pretty typical routine: find the next space to call home, get excited planning the painting and decorating, and then quickly bring it to life as soon as I had access to the space. After all, who knows how long I would get to enjoy it? Moving on seemed inevitable.

I broke that routine on the eleventh move. My husband and I purchased our first home together. Not just any home, but our forever home.

Rather than having every room’s color palette already designed upon the closing date, I had absolutely no idea what was to come of this new space we were claiming. It felt quite out of character for me, but so did the move, too.

What I did know was that the next move was no longer inevitable, and this home would become our forever sanctuary.

It’s a different feeling to put roots into the ground with a careful intention to tend to those roots for decades to come. Unlike the fleeting décor in my ten former residences, growing roots requires a steady vision beyond today and tomorrow.

Our donors also share in this practice: planting seeds and growing deep roots that leave strong legacies that stand the test of time. It’s not a spontaneous happening. It’s commitment, fervent dedication, and resilience. Its intention beyond today.

With over 100+ endowed funds at the Community Foundation of White County, our investments are also carefully designed to withstand time. Grants awarded from each fund don’t rely upon a “good year” to be able to make an impact. Our disbursement policies allow us to continue our important mission even when the stock market isn’t looking too friendly, because we are designed to make an impact not just today or tomorrow, but forever.

Growing roots takes time. None of the rooms in our house are painted yet, some still have boxes to unpack, and furniture is not in its final placement. But there’s no rush. We are building a home together with the intention of forever.

At the Community Foundation, we are also growing roots with the intention of forever. Join us in our mission to strengthen White County by making a donation to any of our 100+ funds, or establish your own fund in your family’s name to support an organization or cause that is important to you. Reach out to Director, Lucy Dold at (574) 583-6911 or log onto our website to learn more:

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