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KJ21 Night: In Memory

The Twin Lakes Stadium filled with cheers and tears alike on KJ21 Night, a powerful evening of football in memory of Kayvion Jackson.

Son of Daniel Latrell and Crystal Billings, Jackson unexpectedly passed away on June 5th, just days following his high school graduation from Twin Lakes. He had signed a letter of intent to begin his football college career at Indiana Wesleyan University this fall.

Jackson was known throughout the community as an incredible athlete, but his legacy spans far beyond just his talents. On the field, he could be found empowering his teammates to play to the best of their ability, while remaining humble as his own accolades stacked up. In school, Kayvion was often a comforting friend offering a smile to those going through a hard time. At home, Kayvion was known as a “gentle giant”, perfectly combining his goofiness with his genuine care for those around him to spread joy.

Leading the Indians into the stadium, the Jackson family proudly carried Kayvion’s #21 football jersey across the field. Twin Lakes football players each wore #21 on their helmets in memory of their lost teammate, along with the endzone displays painted as “KJ21.” Kayvion’s spirit was certainly filling the stadium during this moving celebration of life.

To honor and remember Kayvion, the Kayvion Jackson Memorial Fund has been established at the Community Foundation of White County. Grants from this fund will forever provide support to the Twin Lakes Football Program and the Monticello Youth Football League. Anyone can donate into the fund in memory of Kayvion. Simply click the “Donate Now” button on our website, and type Kayvion Jackson as the fund. Because the Fund is endowed, Kayvion’s story will continue to inspire and impact for generations to come, forever sharing Kayvion’s remarkable legacy of motivation, humility, and compassion.

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