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  • Leslie Goss

Labor Day: Sharing Fruits of Our Labors

Labor Day has come and gone. Though it has a much more historical and official

significance, most of us acknowledge it as the official end of summer.

Labor Day ushers in a new season: the season of harvest, ripe with opportunities to share

the fruits of our labor. Our gardens have produced wonderful treats during the summer, and

farmers are readying their equipment for harvest.

Indeed, your Community Foundation of White County is a field that has been planted for

community harvest.

New seeds of community growth are planted with every gift to benefit our many funds.

We plant carefully, working hard to maximize the yield for our donors and our community. Our harvest comes in many forms -- grants within our local community, grants and scholarships from our donor funds, and initiatives within the community that address community needs.

General donations to the Foundation are planted in our White County Community Grants Fund, an unrestricted fund that supports general grants in our community. Grants from this fund touch White County toddlers and seniors, students and teachers, community projects around the county, and social service agencies seeking to help people in need. It helps build parks, fund creative art projects, provide curriculum support and programming, and purchase equipment to increase access for people with handicaps and disabilities.

In addition, annual disbursements – grants – from our donors’ (named) funds serve many charitable organizations throughout our community: schools, churches, and food pantries, to name a few.

Did you realize that last year, your Community Foundation distributed over $295,000 in

grants to benefit our White County community?!

Community foundations exist to serve the charitable wishes of their donors, and we are

honored to partner with so many people who truly care about our community and want to see it prosper.

Labor Day celebrates the dedication and hard work of all those who labor to make our

country a better place. Together with your Community Foundation of White County, you can

plant seeds that will strengthen your community. The fruits of our labor will, indeed, be sweet.

For information about your Community Foundation of White County and ways you can

help plant seeds for the future, contact Director Leslie Goss at 574-583-6911.

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