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  • Leslie Goss

Land of Opportunity

Last weekend, many groups of families and friends gathered to enjoy summer fun, grill

hotdogs and hamburgers, and light up the sky with 4th of July fireworks, even though the

pandemic certainly changed some of those celebrations. Sometimes in the midst of all the fun, however, we gloss right over the true significance of the day and the sacrifices that define it.

If we’re wise, we remember that our freedom was – and is still – purchased in the name

of Opportunity. Two hundred and forty four years haven’t changed that commitment.

Opportunity is everywhere. It doesn’t have borders, and it never grows old. It is a legacy

to create and share. It, indeed, is the foundation of your Community Foundation of White


Community foundations provide an opportunity for people to make a lasting difference in their community. Foundations are built on the belief that community strength and commitment lies within communities – that people are committed to making their communities the very best they can be and that they themselves are the best resource for recognizing and answering community needs and opportunities.

Community foundations, like our founding fathers, are in this for the long haul. By

establishing Funds within our foundation, many donors have made a perpetual commitment to their community. They have created a legacy that will continue to touch lives 25 and 50 and more years from now.

Donations to your Community Foundation of White County, whether large or small, help

build a legacy of opportunity. They help create and share a positive, supportive and visionary

community for growth. They help answer today’s needs and tomorrow’s dreams.

As you sat by the lake or watched the fireworks displays, I hope you took a quiet moment

to yourself, and took time to reflect upon the opportunities that have been created for you

through someone else’s sacrifice or generosity. I hope you marveled at their expansiveness,

expressed your gratitude, and considered what kind of legacy you want to leave.

Remember that you always have an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.

It may be your neighbor, or it may be someone you don’t even know. If making a difference in your community is important to you, contact your Community Foundation Director Leslie Goss at 574-583-6911.

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