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Community Foundation of White County

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There’s always something happening at your community foundation – and we’re always delighted to share good news about our wonderful community!

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  • Leslie Goss

Legacies of Compassion and Commitment

This past week, White County lost two of its most dedicated servants.

Former State Senator Katie Wolf, affectionately and apply referred to as “The First Lady

of White County,” and John Million, an attorney who served clients for over 50 years, departed this life, leaving behind legacies of compassion and commitment that touched – and will continue to touch – countless lives in this community and beyond.

Katie grew up on a farm, was a cheerleader at Wolcott High School, married Reynolds

basketball player Charlie Wolf, reared two wonderful children, served as White County’s license branch manager, and then entered county politics, where she served with joy and dignity. Her energy and commitment led her to our Indiana Statehouse, where she served in both the House and Senate.

The foundation of Katie’s service was a commitment to the greater good. She served on

numerous local boards over the years. She helped form a local organization to serve the

handicapped, now known as CDC Resources. At the Statehouse, she made certain that every

single call or question was answered. Every. Single. One. Day or night. Katie Wolf cared

about people – genuinely and completely. She truly believed in the power of women to make a very real difference in this world and was a founding contributor of the Foundation’s Women Giving Together Fund.

John Million also was a servant of the greater good. Whether as city attorney who helped

Monticello rebuild after the tornado, attorney for our local hospital or school board, member of the Merit Board, counsel for Lighthouse Recovery ministry, or court-appointed attorney for clients who could not afford counsel, John served with dignity and grace, truly believing that everyone deserved to be treated fairly and with respect.

Cloaked behind the sometimes stoic posture of an attorney was a big man with a big

heart. John loved history, classical music (he sang in the Bach Chorale for many years), good

humor, friends and family. He always viewed individual choices and actions as part of a bigger picture of life. He believed in second chances and helping people achieve their best. John Million possessed a deep faith, loved his community and did his very best to serve both well.

The Community Foundation is honored to have been chosen to receive memorials in the

names of these two outstanding members of our White County community. Donations may be made online at or mailed to PO Box 1154, Monticello IN 47960. All checks should be made out to the Community Foundation of White County. For Katie’s memorials, please write either WGT (our women’s fund) or Wolf Fund in the memo line.

For more information about these memorials or the Community Foundation, contact

Director Leslie Goss at 574-583-6911.

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