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Memorials: A Community of Love

When we find ourselves in the inescapable depths of grief, we often feel that we are alone in the journey. In some ways, this is true: no one can ever truly understand the unique and complex relationship between any two people. But in many other ways, we are far from alone in our grief.

It’s a well-known notion that grief is love with no place to go. At the Community Foundation, we’ve seen that love manifest into beautiful new stories of impact inspired by the legacies our loved ones left behind. Our darkest days and greatest losses can catapult us into finding a way to bring love and hope to others. We even sometimes witness entire communities rally together to support those who experience great loss. While the grief will always remain, a new light of inspiration can be created. Because where there is grief, there is love.

Memorial gifts can take many forms at the Foundation. With over 100+ funds already established, individuals can contribute to a fund in any amount at any time in memory of their beloved.

Some families or friends choose to create an entirely new fund in their loved one’s name. Funds could support an organization or an area of interest that may have been important during their loved one’s life. A memorial scholarship could be a path toward sharing your loved one’s legacy while uplifting a young student. Funds could also be used at the discretion of the Foundation to provide support for ever-changing needs in White County, their cherished home.

While death is an inevitable part of the human experience, the certainty of it may not give comfort to the grief we feel. But we do have power in how we honor and remember those we have lost. We can take the inspirations and legacies they created and perpetuate that impact forever in their name.

To learn more about how to honor your loved ones through the transformative power of philanthropy, reach out to director Lucy Dold at (574) 583-6911 or

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