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  • Writer's pictureLucy Dold

Mutz Graduation: Leading with Vulnerability

Last week, I had the distinct honor and privilege of graduating from the John M. Mutz Philanthropic Leadership Institute. Among 23 individuals representing foundations, corporations, and nonprofit organizations, one thing was clear among my graduating class: this group of proud Hoosiers is passionate to serve their communities through philanthropy.

The John Mutz Philanthropic Leadership Institute is a cohort-based program that is designed to provide continuing education training experience that prepares future leaders in the field of philanthropy. During our nine-month-deep-dive, we heard from passionate leaders across the country who are making a difference in their corner of the world. Although, I think I learned just as much from my distinguished classmates as I did our guest presenters and panelists.

Sharing in our graduation celebration hosted by Indiana Philanthropy Alliance, Governor Eric Holcomb and Indianapolis Colts owner and philanthropist, Kalen Jackson discussed their thoughts on the mental health epidemic in Indiana. Jackson shared her lifelong struggles with mental health openly to a room full of hundreds of leaders, powerfully modeling that not only we can, but we must be vulnerable if we want our stories to make an impact.

And I think the same is true for all of philanthropy. We really begin to make transformational change when these issues we are hoping to impact become personal.

What issues are you passionate about and why? Perhaps you want to memorialize a lost loved one, carrying on their legacy for generations to come. Or maybe you want to make a difference in the public health space after experiencing great medical trauma, aiming to positively impact the life-saving staff that saved your own life.

Whatever your story is, it matters.

Whatever your story is, we are here to listen.

Whatever your story is, we can work together to spread positive change throughout our communities.

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