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There’s always something happening at your community foundation – and we’re always delighted to share good news about our wonderful community!

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  • Leslie Goss

Olympics: Passion Personified!

The Olympic flame is burning in Beijing, and for these several days, it lights the world.  

Hope, joy, frustration, exhilaration, disappointment, and pride.  All part of the wonder and

passion of the Olympics.   

Every four years, the best athletes in the world create a very special community.   Full of

talent, that community is creative, dedicated, and energized.  It is steadfast in its support – of

each other and the greater good.  It is a special place supported by many special people.   

Beijing is a microcosm of every community around the world, including White County. 

Though we don’t have an Olympic stadium or the glitz that comes with Olympic festivities, we, too, have a community full of talent, creativity, dedication and energy.  As an earlier Olympic mantra declared, “Passion lives here!” and we are going for the gold! 

Your Community Foundation of White County offers unique opportunities for you to

share your best – a way for you to put your passions to work for your community, both today and tomorrow.  Like the Olympics, your Community Foundation will be here for a long, long time, positively impacting our community, providing support and inspiration to our community ‘athletes.’  Whether your passions are centered in the arts, education, economic and community development, or many other charitable issues, partnering with the Community Foundation of helps build a stronger team – a team ready to ‘reach for the gold’ and make White County an even better place in which to live. 

In the beginning, as well as today, the Olympics brings together the best of the best – to challenge and inspire the best in all of us.  Your Community Foundation of White County was created to share that same inspiration. 

Every individual and every team in the Olympics is backed by thousands of supporters. 

Likewise, your Community Foundation of White County is backed by hundreds of people whose donations are living testimony to their belief in this community and their ability to positively impact its quality of life.  We welcome you to join our team!  Contact Director Leslie Goss at 574-583-6911 or log onto for more information.

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