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  • Leslie Goss

Part-time Residents, Full-time Partners

One of the special things about our White County community is the diversity of

its residents. Ethnically, admittedly, we’re pretty homogeneous, though we are becoming

more diverse; but we are blessed by summer residents and visitors who add a wide array

of interests, talents, and commitments to our community.

So what do our visitors and part-time residents have to do with the Community

Foundation of White County? Plenty! They are part-time residents, but they are full-

time partners in making our community a better place in which to live.

Think for a moment…when you plan your vacation or summer getaway, what do

you consider? Attractions? Accommodations? Of course. And if you’re going to spend

any length of time in an area, you also think about the surrounding community – its

resources, friendliness, and general ambiance. You want to visit a place that cares about

the people who live there as well as the people who visit there.

Our summer partners have thought of those things, too, and they have chosen to

be here.

In Indiana, community foundations are making a significant difference in the

quality of life in many communities, and it’s being noticed. It’s not only being noticed –

it’s being shared, by full-time as well as part-time residents. These partnerships are

opening doors to new dreams, new possibilities, and shared enthusiasm.

Many former-part-time-now-full-time residents have become very dedicated

members of our community: they serve on local boards and volunteer in numerous

service groups; they have formed businesses and corporations. They have made White

County a part of their heart.

Some have also made White County a part of their legacy through the Community

Foundation. Through the Foundation, their dreams will continue to find new life,

providing joy and growth into the future.

Are we happy to welcome our visitors? Absolutely! Are we happy when you

choose to make this area your summer residence, or even your permanent home? Even

more so! We know White County is a special place, and we thank you for helping make

it even better!

For information about your Community Foundation of White County and its

opportunities, please log onto or call Director Leslie Goss at 574-583-


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