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  • Leslie Goss

Passion + Knowledge = Continuous Yield

Leaves are on the cusp of turning beautiful colors and falling, combines are running, and the view across our farm fields changes daily. For farmers, this is a busy season – one that demands hard work, long hours, vision, and dedication. Seeds that were planted in the spring are yielding their harvest, and each farmer can take pride in doing his or her part to help feed the world.

Farming is an investment – and belief – in the future. Your Community Foundation of

White County is the same.

Farmers know and care about every inch of their land; and with today’s modern

equipment, detailed knowledge of seed and soil is very available. Desirable adjustments can

sometimes be made before planting is ever done, and the result is a greater yield at harvest.

Mother Nature’s role is critical, but careful planning has its rewards.

Without passion, however, no farmer is ever successful. Farming, like many other

professions, requires emotional as well a physical and financial commitment. Some years are

better than others, requiring patience and vision. Farming is definitely not a one-season job; it is year-round and long-term.

Donors who have established Funds within the Community Foundation understand

farming – even if they’ve never walked through a cornfield. They understand that community

foundations plants seeds for future harvest within their communities; that charitable giving plans can be designed to create both short-term and long-term benefits; and that charitable passions can be fulfilled long into the future, given vision, thoughtful planning, and patience.

Your Community Foundation of White County believes in careful planning. Our job is to

open fields for donors who, together with us, envision even better opportunities for White

County in the future. We offer many types of seeds for charitable planting, and like our farmer friends, the yields of our harvest benefit both donor and community.

Passion + Knowledge = Continuous Yields. If you are interested in planting some seeds

for White County’s future, please contact Community Foundation Director Leslie Goss at

(574)583-6911 for more information.

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