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So, What's in Your Flower Garden?

Summer is here, and flowers are blooming. Nurseries are ablaze with color and busily

trying to keep up with ambitious customers. Both amateur and diehard gardeners have plenty to keep them busy.

There’s still time to start a garden or to add to what you may already have.

Though a well-planned flower garden takes time and devotion, it’s definitely worth the

effort. It is a shared gift, bringing pleasure to the owner as well as to everyone who sees it.

Oh, so many choices! What should I plant in my flower garden?

Let’s see…I could plant annuals – they’re so bright and pretty, which certainly provides

some instant gratification. Yes, I’ll have to plant new ones again next year, but it’s fun to dig in the dirt every once in awhile.

Or I could plant perennials. With tender care, they will sprout year after year, growing

and flourishing. As they grow, they can be divided and replanted, ever expanding my garden –or offering the opportunity to share the starts with friends.

We all want the perfect garden, even if we don’t have a green thumb. That’s part of the

reason we rely on the expertise of the garden shop staff: they know their products and the

infinite range of possibilities offered in their plants and seeds.

Your Community Foundation of White County is your “green thumb resource” of

charitable giving in our community. We can help you design a flower garden that will bring

years of joy to you and your community.

Every time you write a check to a charitable organization, you are planting an annual

flower. Together with many other donations, the garden is bright and cheerful. But it has to be planted every year.

With a little bit of planning, you can plant a perennial charitable garden. The flowers will

bloom year after year, and the plants will multiply, ever expanding the joy your garden brings to your community. Together with some annual plantings, you can have a truly splendid garden!

If planting a beautiful garden for your community is important to you, contact

Community Foundation director Leslie Goss at 574-583-6911. Your Community Foundation of White County can show you a whole range of gardening opportunities!

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