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  • Leslie Goss

Turning The Page

Long before 2020 ended, people were heralding its end.

It seemed that everyone was ready to turn the page and open Chapter 2021, hoping some

of the uncertainties that consumed much of Chapter 2020 would be resolved.

Indeed, the page has turned. And though challenges still exist, and there’s sadness in the

loss of so much over the past year, there’s a sense of hope and of fresh possibilities that come

with new chapters.

Coronavirus vaccines are now available and access to them is increasing. Shots are going

into arms, and new vaccines are on the horizon.

We all witnessed a horrific attack on our Capitol, but Democracy prevailed: tabulations

of federal and state elections were certified, and there has been a changing of the guard in

Washington. Here in White County, we bid a sad farewell to Commissioner-Elect Kevin Page

and now welcome Councilman Jim Davis to his new role.

Businesses, educators, social service agencies and families all have found new ways to

keep in touch, move forward, and serve.

So what pages have you turned? What will you write in your Chapter 2021?

At our last Governing Council meeting, members helped create a Word Cloud. If you’re

not familiar with word clouds, its concept is pretty simple: as people list words about a topic,

those words are printed, both vertically and horizontally, onto a page, with their relative size

determined by frequency of their mention – all creating a “picture” composed of words.

So what words showed up in our CFWC word cloud? Support. Community.

Leadership. Engagement. Trust. Relationships. Grants. Generosity. Partnerships. Transform.

Integrity. And several more – all revolving around the ways we strive to serve.

Each of these words is written on our hearts and in everything we do here at your

Community Foundation of White County. Commitment to our donors and to this community is as passionate as ever. We look forward to writing a fulfilling and exciting chapter in 2021, and we welcome you to join us!

For more information about your Community Foundation, contact Director Leslie Goss at 574-583-6911; and be sure to check out our Facebook page.

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