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Community Foundation of White County

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There’s always something happening at your community foundation – and we’re always delighted to share good news about our wonderful community!

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  • Leslie Goss

You're Invited!

Each year, your Community Foundation of White County is honored to welcome friends

of the Foundation to our Annual Report to the Community – a time when we celebrate the

happenings of the past year and share our plans for the current year and future.

This year, we get to celebrate two years instead of just one! (Thank you – or not! –


And you’re invited!

This year’s event is scheduled for 5:00-6:30pm Wednesday, August 4 at the Andrea

Roller Photography Studio, 121 N. Main in Monticello. The Rexall Drug Store for many years,

and most recently, an antique shop, Andrea has restored some of the building’s original charm (brick walls and tin ceilings, for example) and created a wonderfully unique spot in downtown Monticello. We’re grateful for her hospitality and look forward to sharing this “new” space with you.

Despite many interruptions caused by the pandemic, the work of your community

foundation continued. Grants and scholarships were awarded, conversations were held with

donors, and charitable legacies fulfilled. Like the rest of the world, we became quite accustomed to Zoom meetings – even conferences held via Zoom – which opened some new worlds of communication, but we’ll still choose face-to-face any day! That’s one reason we’re excited about this year’s Report event: we get to see people we haven’t seen for awhile!

We are especially excited to welcome and introduce Frank and Kimberlee Spillers of

Rural CommUnity Solutions, who will be facilitating a series of Community Conversations in

White County the week of September 20. They live in Iowa but will be working in Indiana that

week and have agreed to join us. Timing is everything, right?!

We hope you will come join the celebration and learn more about your Community

Foundation. Remember: we are YOUR community foundation. Nothing happens without

passionate White County folks like you sharing their hopes and legacies to benefit this place we call Home.

We do request your RSVP for this event. Call 574-583-6911 or email to join us on August 4.

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