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Community Foundation of White County




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Total local scholarships awarded in 2023: $144,250

John and Ida Bartoo Memorial Scholarship 

Tyler Vandeveer, Tri-County 

G. Keith and Rose S. Bernhardt Scholarship

Lilly Sterk, Tri-County 

Louis Blum Memorial Scholarship

Hunter Musall, Twin Lakes

John and Kathie Connelly Scholarship

Campbell Pekny, Frontier

Mildred Cox Scholarship

Layni Lawley, Twin Lakes

Griffin McAtee, Twin Lakes (alum)

Gordon & Marilyn Denton Scholarship  

Caitlyn Tullius, Frontier 

Donald Dunk Scholarship 

Maguire Thompson, Delphi

Lillian Cline, Clinton Central

Abigail Campbell, Twin Lakes

Encouraging Entrepreneurship Scholarship,

in memory of Paul Koertge

Michael Kruger, Frontier

Luke Frist Memorial Scholarship

Abigail Arvin, Tri-County

Charles and Treva Gish Health Scholarship

Campbell Pekny, Frontier

Emil Gutwein & Robert Pentel Memorial Scholarship

Dulce Moreno, North White

Abigail Campbell, Twin Lakes

Robert B. Hanni Scholarship 

Ariel Davis, Twin Lakes

Jasmine Culp, Tri-County

Betty Huffman Scholarship 

Mayah McCarty, Twin Lakes

Tessa Kirchner, Twin Lakes

James Huffman Memorial Scholarship

Abigail Campbell, Twin Lakes

Valerie James “Don’t Quit” Memorial Scholarship 

Tyler Vandeveer, Tri-County

Winson Jones Citizenship Scholarship 

Dayton Hoover, Frontier

Campbell Pekny, Frontier

Tyra Wright Klink & Angela Wright Elder Memorial Scholarship

Layni Lawley, Twin Lakes

Adam Krintz Memorial Scholarship

Sam True, Twin Lakes

Monticello “Class of 1961” Scholarship 

Riley Jennings, Twin Lakes

Madelyn Finn, Twin Lakes

Mya Thompson Memorial Scholarship

Sabrina Hornung, Twin Lakes

Stephanie Thompson Memorial Scholarship

Alaina Wolfe, Twin Lakes
Emma Voors, Tri-County
Alexis Johnson, Frontie

North White Education Fund Scholarship

Tessa Robertson, North White

Katelynd Stevens, North White

Callie Hunt, North White

Juan Ignacio Mata Pecina, North White

Tri-County Education Fund Scholarships 

Jasmine Culp

Will Getz

Justin Kilmer

James "J.P." Schemerhorn

Lilly Sterk

Tyler Vandeveer

Emma Voors

Berenize Del Real Perez

Abigail Arvin

Noah Oilar

Richard and Betty Graf Memorial Scholarship

Jasmine Culp, Tri-County

Eugene Hageman Memorial Scholarship

Will Getz, Tri-County

Murt Harrington Memorial Scholarship

Tyler Vandeveer, Tri-County

Bill Hartke Memorial Scholarship

Berenize Del Real Perez, Tri-County

Sandra L Pitstick Memorial Scholarship

Berenize Del Real Perez, Tri-County

Remington Class of '64 Scholarship

Jasmine Culp, Tri-County

Robert and Joan Sanbloom Scholarship

Justin Kilmer, Tri-County

Linda Taulman Memorial Scholarship

James "J.P." Schemerhorn, Tri-County

Wolcott Lions Club

Emma Voors, Tri-County

Noah Oilar, Tri-County


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