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  • Leslie Goss

All Aboard Monon!

Last Saturday evening, ghosts, goblins and super heroes gathered in Monon, eagerly

awaiting treats available from ghoulishly decorated vehicles lined up along the main

thoroughfare. The weather was brisk, but the mood definitely one of anticipatory fun!

Before the kids began their journey, however, there was celebration of another sort.

Jim Davis and volunteers from the All Aboard Monon Main Street Committee dedicated

new patriotic murals adorning the building on the southeast corner at the town’s center stoplight.

Funding for the murals came from the Community Foundation of White County, via

White County United Way, which is serving as fiscal agent for the organization while it seeks

official Main Street and nonprofit status- another truly fine example of community collaboration for the benefit of the greater good!

The Community Foundation is proud to have supported many projects in Monon over the years, including, among others: refurbishing of the Monon Railroad caboose that greets

everyone traveling through town; renovation and repair of windows at the Civic Center; purchase of decorations for a Beautify Monon initiative; and most recently, two grants in support of the exciting Monon Theater renovation. (And congratulations to the Monon Preservation Society for its recent Bravo award and $75,000 grant from Tippecanoe Arts Federation!)

Funds for community grants such as this one are made possible by general donations to

the Community Foundation. Last year, over $95,000 was awarded in CFWC community grants cycles, and our Fall 2020 Community Grant awards will be announced early in November.

Grants such as these would not happen without both the committed, creative citizens who step up to organize worthy, innovative and meaningful projects that positively impact our communities, as well as the donors who believe that all of us – together – have the opportunity to make a real difference in this place we call Home.

In her brief presentation Saturday evening, CFWC Director Leslie Goss congratulated

and thanked community members for initiating a mural project in Monon, noting that the

Foundation was honored to play a role in bringing arts to the community. Painted murals are

providing inspiration and lifting spirits in many communities around the country, and CFWC is honored to be part of the community history and patriotism now proudly displayed in downtown Monon.

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