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YPC Senior Shoutout: Jasmine Durando

As our school year comes close to a close, the Community Foundation continues to celebrate its second cohort of the Youth Philanthropy Council and the soon-to-be 16 graduates from our program. Jasmine Durando, a senior at Tri-County, is one of those young leaders in our community that shines bright.

Jasmine joined the Youth Philanthropy Council in January 2023, and was a part of the inaugural group that had the privilege of helping design the council to truly represent the young people that it serves. Jasmine shared, "What I love most about YPC is the opportunity to collaborate with students from different school districts and make a positive impact in our school community."

Jasmine is joined with 23 other students from all four county schools: Twin Lakes, Frontier, North White, and Tri-County. The YPC consists of sophomores, juniors, and seniors looking to make a positive difference in their community through philanthropic efforts and leadership.

As a young leader in our community, Jasmine’s goal is to inspire and encourage other young leaders to make a difference in White County. "I believe in the power of youth to enact change," she shared.

Since joining the YPC, Jasmine has played a critical role in helping to award $4500 in YPC grants to the Tri-County community, with another round of awards soon to be announced this spring. Each YPC member is responsible for developing, marketing, reviewing, and making final recommendations for classroom grants that uplift their school communities.

When asked about her favorite YPC grants, Jasmine expressed excitement for each one, highlighting their potential to make a meaningful difference. "Every grant has the power to bring people's ideas to life in a way that benefits our community," she explained, her optimism contagious.

In her free time, Jasmine enjoys staying active and engaged in extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs. "Being part of a team and staying busy with activities like running for the track team and participating in BPA are both fun and challenging."

Whereas some students might crumble under pressure, Jasmine enjoys a good challenge to elevate her abilities. For instance, Jasmine recalls not being a good basketball player when she was first introduced to the sport. But as she finishes her senior year, she has become a 5-5 key player for the Tri-County basketball team.

In addition to her athletic accomplishments, Jasmine is White County’s 2024 recipient of the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship, providing full tuition for her to attend Butler University to study pharmacy. 

As we celebrate Jasmine's achievements, let us also recognize the potential within every young leader to create positive change and inspire those around them. In the spirit of community and service, let us continue to support and uplift the next generation of leaders in our beloved White County. Reach out to Director, Lucy Dold to learn how to support the Youth Philanthropy Council and their important mission. (574) 583-6911

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