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  • Leslie Goss

Champion Your Cause

The hoopla of NCAA’s March Madness has subsided. The Big 10 men didn’t shine

nearly as brightly as we hoped, and the women’s lights have been dimmed, too, but for those student athletes who spent hours and years running laps, practicing shots, and laying it all out there on the courts, the journeys and victories will be savored for a long time. The road to the success is never a straight path. There are curves and hills, slippages and turnovers. There is progress, and there are setbacks. In the end, however, passion, commitment, and perseverance secure the victory.

Chances are you don’t play basketball, but you have many opportunities to be a


What is important to you? Where do you focus your time, talents, and treasure?

If you could pick one area in which to channel your resources to make a positive

difference – to leave a legacy – what would that be?

For some, it’s education. For others, service in the community. For others, the arts.

Whatever your passion, your Community Foundation of White County can help you

address it in a way that will touch lives for years and years to come.

A permanent endowment at the Foundation can champion the cause you care about most, today as well as tomorrow. Whether it be a specific program or organization or for a general category of interest, such as the arts or community enhancement, a endowment fund at CFWC will continue to address needs and opportunities that are important to you.

If your passion and energies lie in your church, for example, a fund can be established to benefit your church. The fund may be named in your honor or simply designated as the “X” church fund. However it is named, everyone who cares about that church can donate to the fund, ever-expanding its potential grantmaking impact.

Another example: if reading is your favorite pastime, you (or you and other bookworms)

could establish a fund to benefit your local library. Or you could establish a fund to supply

books for children, or to provide resources for adult literacy programs.

What is important is to realize that you can champion causes that are important to you,

and your Community Foundation is here to help. As donors, we most often think of cash as the only gift form, which is not the case. Community foundations can help donors explore several different paths of giving, opening doors of opportunity for both donors and recipients.

Passion, commitment, and perseverance. They win basketball games, and they can make you a champion!

For more information about your Community Foundation, check out our Facebook page, or contact Director Leslie Goss at 574-583-6911.

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