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  • Lucy Dold

Dear White County Friend,

Dear White County Friend,

It has come to my attention that you are someone who has a strong belief in and commitment to White County. It is always such a pleasure to meet someone who has the best interests of their community at heart! We have much in common.

Your Community Foundation of White County, like you, is passionate in its desire to help White County be the best place it can possibly be.

In that regard, we have many services to that might be of assistance to you.

What is your passion when it comes to charity? Is it music, or health, or education, or recreation? Is it the environment? Is it a specific organization -- or just an area of interest? Whatever it is, the Community Foundation can provide an avenue for you to support that cause today as well as the tomorrows when you are no longer here.

What options do you have? Many!

You can contribute to an already-established Fund that supports your interests. Among our 120+ existing funds, you might find one that suits you perfectly.

Better yet, you can talk with us about establishing a Fund of your own – one that will create a legacy for your community.

What advantages are there? Many!

First and foremost, you are fulfilling your charitable passions. At the same time, you are benefiting your community for generations to come. In addition, there are significant tax advantages to designing planned gifts.

Community foundations are service organizations. We serve our donors as they create gifts that serve our communities. We invest these generous gifts for permanent growth and annually award grants to benefit charitable projects and organizations in our community.

And right now, if you simply want to give a gift to help great things happen in our community, a generous donor is providing a 1:1 match for your gift to the Community Foundation in celebration of our upcoming 25th anniversary. Gifts of multiples of $25 will be collected and matched, up to $25,000. Next May, we’ll announce a special proactive grant to celebrate our wonderful community and the donors that have made our work possible.

Because we share so much in common, we hope that we may be of service to you. If you would like more information about us, please feel free to call me at (574)583-6911, or log onto

Together, we can build an even stronger White County!


Lucy Dold

Executive Director

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