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  • Leslie Goss

Great Giving

Over the past twenty-one years, your Community Foundation of White County has

received numerous gifts. These include cash, charitable trusts, life insurance, and outright gifts of stock, real estate and other assets. Each gift has been received with sincere and humble gratitude.

Every gift has a special quality. And interestingly, it’s not the size of a gift that makes it

particularly special. What makes a gift extra special are the circumstances surrounding it,

including the attitude of the donor.

As we look back over the many gifts, certain common characteristics emerge that

combine to make a good gift great. See if you agree.

1. A great gift is motivated by the donor’s values, goals, and passions.

Something intangible, yet valuable, is added to a gift when it addresses the values of the donor and the purpose of the beneficiary organization. The donor identifies with the organization’s vision and mission. His or her gift to either establish or support an endowment fund in the Community Foundation reflects a sense of ownership and partnership in that organization. Such a gift warms and inspires us.

2. A great gift is well-planned.

Great giving requires time and effort. One must consider a variety of factors and options

and select the right asset for the right gift vehicle at the right time – and do it in a manner that will appropriately address his or her overall estate plan, as well as the needs of the beneficiary organization.

As the saying goes, anything worth doing is worth doing well. Great giving may require a little more thought, but the rewards are worth it.

3. A great gift pleases the donor.

That is, the donor is convinced his or her gift will make a positive difference in the

community. It has been well-planned and there are no regrets. A sense of fulfillment prevails

and crowns the gift with added value. This gift is made greater by the glow of satisfaction.

Donor delight sits right at the top of our priorities list, and we work hard to make it

happen. When our donors are happy, we are happy.

As you consider what kind of gift you would like to use to support or establish an

endowment fund with the Community Foundation, we urge you to contact our director, Leslie Goss. She is versed in the various gift arrangements and is dedicated to helping our donors make “great” gifts. Call 574-583-6911 for some helpful information. We look forward to serving you.

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