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Community Foundation of White County

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There’s always something happening at your community foundation – and we’re always delighted to share good news about our wonderful community!

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New Beginnings at Lirio Resources

Exciting new beginnings are taking place for our friends on the far north side of Monticello. The longstanding community resource that advocates and provides services for children and adults with all kinds of abilities has a new look.

Lirio Resources, formerly known as CDC Resources, Inc., since 1953 has served a five-rural county area: White, Benton, Carroll, Jasper, and Newton. Founded by a handful of compassionate community members and families, the organization first only served those with developmental disabilities. Since its inception, their services have expanded to reflect their founders’ beliefs and now equips all kinds of individuals with the resources they need to thrive.

Last year, CDC Resources, Inc. rebranded into Lirio Resources to better reflect their vision. Why Lirio? Lirio in Spanish means “iris”, a native flower to Indiana. This gorgeous flower comes in many vibrant colors and shapes, each one unique and beautiful in its own way—just like us.

Humans come in so many unique variations, each designed to bring our own kind of beauty to the world. And together, we can build a vibrant community together.

Executive Director, Roxanne Roman shares,”Lirio Resources equips individuals and families with support to participate fully in living, learning, working, and playing. The reasons for our name change are twofold. One: we had to end public confusion between our organization and the Center for Disease Control. Two: we wanted to adopt a brand that reflects our organization’s vibrant present and bright future. Choosing a vibrant, native perennial was not by accident. We are resilient, deeply respect our local roots, and our brilliant array of colors is impossible to miss! As the Iris represents, we are committed to ensuring the mission started by our founding families remains locally for generations to come. Together, we are building a vibrant community for people of all abilities.“

Lirio Resources and the Community Foundation of White County have a longstanding partnership. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary this year at the Community Foundation, we’ve been reflecting on our humble beginnings, including the profound partnerships we’ve been grateful to share during these years serving White County.

CDC Resources Fund for Disabled Children & Adults was the first fund established at your Community Foundation in February 1999. As an agency fund, this endowment, now called Lirio Resources Fund, disburses a growing amount each year to support their mission. When creating this fund, sustainability was key to be able to serve their community for the long haul and they saw the Community Foundation as a tool to accomplish that. Still growing today, any individual can support Lirio Resources through the Community Foundation by donating to support this agency fund.

In addition to their endowment, Lirio Resources has also been the recipient of multiple grants to deepen impact. In 2019, CFWC awarded a Women Giving Together Grant to fund MANDT training for staff, ensuring their environment is safe and they have the tools to respond to a behavioral crisis. In 2018, grants provided materials for new sensory rooms, as well as accessible entrances to Bluewater Park and Altherr Nature Park, a collaborative effort with the Monticello Parks Department.

A pillar in our community, Lirio Resources strives to provide equitable opportunities for all. Through the removal of barriers, always seeking to learn, and most importantly, by working together, we can build a vibrant community for us all.

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