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Community Foundation of White County

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There’s always something happening at your community foundation – and we’re always delighted to share good news about our wonderful community!

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Nothing Great is Made Alone

…a sentiment I think we can all relate to.

When looking at your Community Foundation of White County, we are blown away by the fervent support and commitment from our donors to uplift the place we call home. It’s not without each and every individual that we can fulfill our mission. And what’s our mission, again?

CFWC’s mission is to strengthen and transform White County by fostering philanthropic aspirations, charitable giving, and leadership.”

For twenty-five years, we’ve partnered with hundreds of donors, each with their own passions and legacies that we are honored to carry forward through this powerful act of philanthropy. Dozens of community organizations have collaborated with CFWC through our grantmaking and leadership efforts, working together to solve complex issues, meet the needs of our most vulnerable populations, and build a thriving community for families. Through all these efforts, we do make a difference.

A collective impact isn’t a brilliant new concept, but one that has stood the test of time.

Looking back 49 years ago when the tornado brought devastation to White County, the entire community had to work together to rebuild and reclaim the remaining pieces of our history, such as the treasured White County bell, now adorned at the corner of Washington St and Bluff St.

Churches opened their doors to allow students to continue their education; the national guard armory welcomed courthouse activities into their home; more than 40 downtown businesses were wiped out, leaving the Monticello Redevelopment Commission to develop new plans for our historic downtown. Rebuilding our community was certainly a task not fit for one individual, but for all.

Already this April, we’ve experienced the many blessings that come with springtime—sunshine, wind, thunderstorms, and tornadoes. And once again, the community has been working together to help restore what was lost.

Thousands of livestock have been shipped to find new homes. Neighbors are working together to clean up the scrap-ridden fields. The White County Food Pantry was quick to provide nourishment to families who lost food. More great examples of what community means here.

White County knows how to come together to make great things happen. Whether we are responding to a tragedy, strengthening the supports already in place, or celebrating milestones, we are better when we work together.

To learn more about how to uplift your community to make a collective impact, log on to and check out our 100+ funds that you could support today. Donate to our 25 By 25 Challenge, and your gift will be matched 1:1, doubling your impact!

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