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  • Leslie Goss

Signs of Spring

As I type this, the sun is shining brightly and a prediction of weather in the 60s is

rumored for the week.

Also as I type this, I remember a year ago this week, when COVID-19 had taken over

nearly every conversation and there were many more questions than answers. By the middle of March, the world became a different place: doors were shuttered and events canceled.

Computers and telephones became our contact with the outside world. Fear of the unknown – and fear of the hospitalizations and deaths we witnessed in every news report – consumed much of our daily lives. Hand sanitizer. Masks. Quarantining. In so many ways, the entire world changed in an instant.

We continue to fight this pandemic, but signs of spring are emerging with it, as well:

vaccines are available in increasing numbers, and doors are opening. Common sense, caution, and above all, respect for each other remain incredibly important (so please keep wearing your mask and social distancing!) and together, we can not only survive, but thrive, if we stay focused and committed.

Throughout the past year, your community foundation, local businesses, schools,

churches, and social service organizations have continued to serve – sometimes in new ways

brought on by COVID, but always with the same focus: positive progress.

Your Community Foundation of White County hosted three community grant cycles in

2020 as well as its Women Giving Together Fund grant cycle. In the spring, we awarded

$13,600 to seed a COVID-19 Response Fund that has been led by White County United Way,

with primary funding from Lilly Endowment. This Fund serves White, Jasper and Pulaski

counties, with monthly Zoom meetings held to review applications. People from all three

counties serve as committee advisors, and it has been an enriching experience to witness all the adjustments being made and the positive work being done by so many committed

organizations throughout our area.

Spring is a time to look forward – respecting and building on the past while building new

opportunities to become the best version of ourselves, whether individually or as a community.

Spring is a season of hope – and hope is alive and well at your Community Foundation!

Applications for our Spring Community Grants cycle are due this week, and dozens and dozens of scholarship applications have arrived.

Look around. It’s a season to put a little spring in your step and look forward to creating

new chapters. And if you want some help exploring some future chapters, check out our

Facebook page or call your Community Foundation of White County at 574-583-6911.

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