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The Ripple Effect

Have you ever wondered how your small act of kindness affects the world in the grand scheme of things?

All around us are reminders of grand gestures, over-the-top stories shared through the rosy-tinted glasses of social media. And to catch our attention, the bigger, the better, right?

But what about the simplicity in sharing a smile with a stranger who might be having a difficult day? This seemingly small act could spark a sense of hope inside someone who may be desperate for human connection. Now that stranger continues with their day, contagiously sharing their smile, lifting up countless individuals in their interactions.

And then from there… we experience the ripple effect.

The first ripple, our small act of kindness, begins movement in what started as a motionless pool of water. These ripples grow and spread, eventually affecting the entire body of water with beautiful rings that only continue to expand.

Before we know it, strangers miles away are having a better day filled with warm human connection, thanks to your smile that started it all.

We can never truly know how far and wide our small acts make a difference, because the ripples spread beyond our own vision, beyond our own circles.

What about a small donation of $25? Watching fortunate others share their millions to make in impact can often fool us into thinking that $25 won’t make a difference.

But the most important part of the ripple effect isn’t making sure the first ripple has the most impressive splash, because the ripples will still affect the water and expand.

The most important part is that someone must start the first ripple.

How will you choose to make an impact today?

A small way to make a big difference in your community is by donating $25 (or multiples of $25) to support our “25 by 25” Challenge. With matching funds up to $25,000 by a generous donor, doubling the impact of your donation, we are asking our community to donate toward a special proactive grant that will be announced at our 25th anniversary celebration next May.

With over $2.6 million dollars awarded into our beloved community since our inception, the lasting impact our grantmaking offers is made possible thanks to donors big and small who share a commitment to White County.

Contact Director, Lucy Dold at (574) 583-6911 to learn more about the many tools we have available for you to make lasting impact in your community.

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