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Community Foundation of White County

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There’s always something happening at your community foundation – and we’re always delighted to share good news about our wonderful community!

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  • Leslie Goss

Traditions...Creating Legacies

For many years now, my family has shared a Christmas tradition that has become,

without a doubt, the most cherished part of our day together. Before we open gifts, everyone gathers in a circle, staking a spot in a comfy chair, around the large island counter, or on the floor. (Our circle now encompasses 30+ people, so its shape isn’t exactly symmetrical!) Yes, again this year it will be via Zoom, but we all look forward to next year when (we certainly hope!) we can be together in person.

First, we celebrate individual educational accomplishments ~ each completed semester of school, various graduations, and new educational pursuits.

Then, the second part of the tradition begins. Everyone in the circle is asked to share a

personal highlight of the past year. One meaningful experience. One celebration that’s all their own. With each story comes a shared celebration – of that person, of the story they share, and of the rich legacy created by the collective experiences shared around our ever-widening extended family circle.

When you think about it, communities are much like families. The strongest

communities are ones in which people stand beside each other to celebrate accomplishments (be they large or small), explore new horizons, support and encourage through challenging times, and commit their time and talents to building an even stronger foundation for those who will follow.

For your Community Foundation of White County, celebrations come in many forms –

all made possible by community-minded donors committed to strengthening our community.

This year, the Foundation will have awarded over $98,000 in competitive grant cycles,

$89,000 in scholarships, and $117,000 from endowment funds established by forward-thinking donors. Each of these grants is made possible by people just like you and me who want to see our community thrive and who chose to make a financial investment in its future. Donations can be large or small – made to any of the Foundation’s existing 100+ funds or to a legacy fund you may wish to create to serve your own charitable passions. It’s a special kind of gift…and one that will last forever.

Every endowment fund and every grant that is awarded from these funds has a story, just like every person sitting in my family’s Christmas circle ~ and those stories create the legacy that is White County, that is OUR community.

As this year ends, think about your traditions, your legacies…and celebrate!

For information about your Community Foundation of White County and how you can

create a legacy, contact Director Leslie Goss at 574-583-6911 or log onto for helpful information.

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