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There’s always something happening at your community foundation – and we’re always delighted to share good news about our wonderful community!

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What’s Your Legacy?

Here at the Community Foundation, we take legacies seriously. Otherwise, “What’s Your Legacy?” wouldn’t be our tag, right?

We’ve spent the past 24 years listening to community members share their passions and dreams with us, building legacies that will last a lifetime.

Some have chosen to impact their community by establishing discretionary endowments that support our community grantmaking to addresses the ever-emerging needs in our community. Those legacies shared sometimes look like families who have deep roots tied to the community that they love so dearly, such as the John & Nancy Demerly Fund or the Steve & Kathy Meadors Family Endowment.

Some visionaries have built legacies that reflect important passions in their lives; the Joe R. Hahn “North White Trades Education” Endowment supports the trades program at North White, and the Mildred L. Cox Band Boosters Fund provides support to the Twin Lakes High School’s band program.

Perhaps at this point, you’re thinking, “I can’t leave a legacy—I can’t create an endowment!” Contrary to what you may think, do not need to be a millionaire to make an impact and leave your mark. Your contribution to any fund within the community foundation strengthens our community. It shows what is important to you and that you care about the future of White County. Your contribution, of whatever size, leaves a legacy.

And if you want to leave your mark right now? Go ahead and contribute to our “25 by 25” campaign by donating $25 on our website, noting “25 by 25” as the Fund. Next year, we will award a special $25,000 25th Anniversary grant. It’s a simple way to join in the celebration while leaving a lasting impact.

At your Community Foundation of White County, we challenge you to consider, “What’s YOUR legacy?”Who and what are important to you, and is there an opportunity to translate those values into a legacy that will last long past your lifetime?

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