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Community Foundation of White County

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There’s always something happening at your community foundation – and we’re always delighted to share good news about our wonderful community!

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  • Leslie Goss

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Last spring, the Boys & Girls Club of White County received some unexpected

news—and the news included an eviction notice. Twin Lakes would be razing Woodlawn

Elementary School, the Club’s existing home, in order to build a new technology center, and the Club was required to exit the building by August 20.

For an organization that serves 160-220 students per day during the school year, one that found innovative ways to continue serving its kids during the pandemic, and one with a summer program already planned, the news was more than a bit unsettling.

Twin Lakes School Corporation has been extremely generous in its support of the

organization by allowing use of school facilities, for which the Club and the entire community

have been quite grateful. And yes, it always was known that the Club someday would need to find its own home, but its reality was, nonetheless, a bit overwhelming.

As if that weren’t enough, Lyn Treece Boys & Girls Club in Lafayette, of which White

County has been an affiliate unit, announced it was severing that relationship to pursue other


No home, no parent organization, and, because the national Boys & Girls Club office is not commissioning new units, no option to become an independent unit. Seriously?!

Meanwhile, there are 200 kids…

A few concerned partners, including your Community Foundation and United Way,

joined with the Boys & Girls Club to brainstorm, search out future homes, and help construct a plan to support our community’s children.

So what does one do when handed a bunch of lemons? Make lemonade, of course! And I’m thrilled to report that a truly great batch of lemonade is now available!!

Kudos and many thanks to Executive Director Nikie Jenkinson and the White County

United Way board of directors, who stepped up in true leadership fashion and have created an incredible opportunity for our community. After an untold number of dreaming sessions,

conversations, discussions, negotiations, and fine-tuning adjustments, WCUW has assumed

ownership of the former Lakeview Commons Assisted Living Center on Tioga Road, and the

Boys & Girls Club of White County has a new home! United Way’s future plans include

welcoming other nonprofits to the beautiful facility, as well.

Truly, White County is a very special place. Out of devastating news emerged a unique

opportunity to serve our community in new and different ways. The Community Foundation

congratulates and thanks White County United Way and the Boys & Girls Club for sharing their outstanding passion, energy, and commitment. We are honored to partner with you to serve this wonderful community!

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