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There’s always something happening at your community foundation – and we’re always delighted to share good news about our wonderful community!

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YPC Senior Shoutout- Emily Cardoza

In the northern part of our rural county, we shine a light on Emily Cardoza, a North White High School senior whose dedication to making a positive impact has not gone unnoticed. For the past two years, Emily has been a cherished member of the Community Foundation of White County’s Youth Philanthropy Council (YPC), working to support our county's schools through impactful grants.

When Emily first joined the YPC, she was seemingly shy. However, it was quickly learned that her quiet demeanor concealed a great dedication to service and community. Emily’s involvement in the YPC echoes this passion. "My favorite thing about YPC is being able to help the community and support the teachers within our schools."

The mission of the Youth Philanthropy Council (YPC) is to empower White County youth by cultivating philanthropic engagement and leadership. To cultivate philanthropic leadership, YPC members are responsible for identifying needs and opportunities in their school communities, creating and marketing grant applications and processes, and awarding grants to support projects that strengthen their school communities. The YPC allows youth to have a direct hand in making a difference that they can witness.

During Emily’s two years as a YPC member, $5,000 in Youth Philanthropy Council grants have been awarded to uplift the North White School Community. Classroom grants include purchasing of cake decorating supplies for the culinary arts department, new lockers for classroom management in the theatre department, building guitars with the music and trades classes, plus so much more! Emily is particularly excited to see the impact in Ms. Stamper’s classroom with the purchase of energy sensors for energy and agriculture demonstrations.  

As a young leader in our community, Emily envisions a future where White County is united and equal. She passionately works to bring this vision to life beyond her involvement in the YPC by actively seeking opportunities to lend a helping hand, such as translating for the Hispanic community, serving as secretary for the Latino Cultural Association, and tutoring elementary school students. Emily’s call for a harmonious community speaks volumes about her desire to make a lasting impact.

Among her involvements, Emily is also an active member of the National Honors Society, Student Council, and serves as manager for track and field. Wherever Emily lends her heart, she’s committed to empowering those around her. Because for her, being a leader means more than just guiding; it’s about inspiring and witnessing progress firsthand.

Looking beyond high school, Emily’s hopes for the future are simple yet profound: "I hope that in the future, I am still helping people whenever they are in need." Emily Cardoza, a quiet force with a heart of gold, is undeniably making a positive difference here in White County.

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