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Love Where You Live

Each of us holds our community near and dear to our hearts. Whether your family has generational roots deeply embedded in White County, if you’re a seasonal visitor who enjoys the lake life, or even if you’ve more recently moved here—White County is home. And the unique memories from all corners of the county have shaped the direction of your lives, as well as the direction of your community.

As your Community Foundation of White County celebrates its 25th anniversary of strengthening and transforming the place we call home, we’ve taken time to reflect on the abundance of memories that have shaped our organization, too: families with passionate legacies; nonprofits with rigorous boots on the ground efforts; community leaders with guiding visions; plus, so much more.

We know that our experiences are unique to our organization, just as your experiences here in White County are also unique to you. Although, I think it’s safe to say, everyone in our community has witnessed beauty, and we want to provide a platform to share and revel in the histories of the land that we serve.

As we celebrate 25 years, we are asking our community to share some of the beautiful memories and scenes that shape your love for White County. The #LoveWhereYouLive Photo Challenge will be running during the 2023 calendar year. Photo submissions of your favorite spots in White County will be shared via our Facebook page. One lucky winner’s photo will adorn the cover of our 25th anniversary annual report. Additionally, we’ve teamed up with News & Review to share in the excitement. 12 winners will also be selected to adorn each month in the community-wide News & Review 2024 calendar.

How do you join in the #LoveWhereYouLive Photo Challenge?

  1. Snap a photo of your favorite spot in White County

  2. Share your photo(s) on Facebook, tagging the Community Foundation of White County (@cfwhitecounty)

  3. Caption your photo(s) with the tag #LoveWhereYouLive and share why you love living here.

  4. Don’t have Facebook? Email your photos to and we’ll share them for you!

Show the Community Foundation of White County some love during our 25th year and share why you love White County. We are proud to celebrate this milestone with the hundreds of individuals, families, nonprofit organizations, and community leaders that we’ve partnered with in this journey toward shaping our future.

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